HW Type: 43 (ID 43) IPAM Type: 4 (ID 4)
MAC 0008E105B2FE
ticks 956259288 millisecond, system uptime 956259 second
FW 04.04 (10/28/2015) Web V02.02 Boot V99.26 Song V10.13 XT V00.03 Set 01.07
Mode 1 Status 0
buf 512 counter:3838114816

QuasiPeak In L:-14dB R:-21dB Out L:-93 R:-93dB

Network Configuration:
Cfg IP: SonicIP:off Current IP:
Cfg Netmask: Current Netmask:
Cfg Gateway: Current Gateway:
Cfg Primary DNS: Alternative DNS: Current DNS:
Cfg DHCP Host Name:
Cfg Web Server Port: 0 Current Web Server Port: 80
Cfg Type of Service/DSCP: 0

Audio Configuration:
Cfg Input source: Line stereo
Cfg MP3 Channel Mode:stereo
Cfg Encoding: MPEG1/44.1 kHz
Cfg MPEG bitrate mode: VBR
Cfg MPEG Encoding quality (MP3):3
Cfg MPEG VBR/CBR bitrate:16 kB/s
Cfg A/D amplifier gain: -3 dB
Cfg MP3 Frame CRC:enable
Cfg MP3 Bitreservoir Mode:used
Cfg MP3 Channel Mode Extension:disable MS-Stereo encoding
Cfg MP3 Copyright Protection:disable
Cfg MP3 Stream Type:copy
Cfg MP3 Emphasis:none

Streaming Configuration:
Cfg Own Name:KPPQ-LP
Cfg Streaming mode: send always
Cfg Control GPI:0
Cfg Active open/closed:closed
Cfg Send Contact Closure information:no
Cfg Trigger Level: -24dB
Cfg Pre Trigger Start:0
Cfg Post Trigger Play:1024
Cfg Buffer Underrun Mode (TCP):skip
Cfg Stream Packet Strategy:optimal package
Cfg UDP Tx Source Port:0
Cfg Radio Path:/live
Cfg icy-url:url
Cfg icy-genre:genre
Cfg Shoutcast stream:public
Cfg Type of Service/DSCP:0
Cfg Stream to 1:Icecast source origin-iad-kppq.streamguys1.com :80
Cfg Stream to 2:Icecast source origin-ord-kppq.streamguys1.com:80
Cfg Stream to 3:not used :0
Cfg Stream to 4:not used :0
Cfg Stream to 5:Internet Radio
Cfg Stream to 6:Internet Radio
Cfg Stream to 7:Internet Radio
Cfg Stream to 8:Internet Radio
Cfg SNMP Trap Target IP Address:
Cfg SNMP Low Audio Level:L64dB R64dB
Cfg SNMP High Audio Level:L0dB R0dB
Cfg SNMP Trap Repeat:L0 R0
Cfg SNMP Silence Timeout:L0 R0

I/O Configuration:
Cfg CTS close command:c=91
Cfg CTS open command:c=84

Control Configuration:
Cfg UDP command port:12301
Cfg TCP command port:12302
Cfg Web server port:0

Serial Configuration:
Cfg Baud rate:2
Cfg Data bits:19
Cfg Parity:4
Cfg Stop bits:1
Cfg Flow control:0
Cfg Local port:12303
Cfg Destination:

Security Configuration:
Cfg Password Save Configuration:not set
Cfg Password View Configuration:not set
Cfg Password Control/Command:not set
Cfg Password 4 (User):not set
Cfg Password 5 (User):not set
Cfg Password 6 (User):not set
Cfg SNMP Read selector:Not protected by password
Cfg SNMP RWrite selector:Not protected by password
Cfg Factory Defaults at Reset: Disabled
Cfg Listening password selector:Not protected by password
Cfg Ice/Shoutcast password:set